PRS is specialized for nearly 50 years in the transformation of resins, fillers, reinforcements and glass fiber composite materials developed for. Our diversity and mastery of application domains polyester molding allows us to respond quickly to your needs and satisfy your different requirements.

The components of a composite part:

The gelcoat coating based on thermosetting resin, colored or not, sprayed on the mold
Fiber, ensuring the mechanical, mainly glass (but also exists in carbon, kevlar, or linen according to the desired characteristics)
Resin (mainly polyester)

Very qualitative material combines elegance and robustness:

• Maintenance free
• Weatherproof and UV
• Rot
• Does not rust
• Dyed in the mass
• Do not fear frost , not deform under the hot


Following required or technical constraints, the products may have a fire resistance M1 (M1 specific resin), a relatively low weight while maintaining high mechanical characteristics. Can be mixed with any other material (glass, wood, leather, corian, inclusion, gold…)