• Design & creation: from a sketch,
  • Design & creation : from a plan or 3D file,make a model for our machining center.
  • Possibility of modeling of your work or unique piece with our 3D scan (retro-conception, modeling 3D, solutions of metrology with report of control and analysis of effects of surface).
  • Duplicate color : a palette of colors as you want
  • Prototype / unique piece: making the mold from the model and manufacturing machined prototype for validation or single part to better respond to market demands
  • Molding contact: contact molding thermosetting composites consists in impregnating dry reinforcing layers (fabric / mat) a liquid matrix (resin) in an open mold
  • Molding simultaneous projection: Using a pistol, is projected simultaneously staple fiber and catalyzed resin, followed by a debubbling to remove trapped air
  • Low pressure injection molding RTM
  • Injecting concrete synthesis
  • Sanding
  • Polish
  • Polishing
  • Packing and Shipping
Our strength: mastery and full integration of different phases of design, implementation tooling to manufacture the part